Google Meet

What is Google Meet & How Can we use it on Android Smartphones?

Google Meet is a wonderful service for its users. It is a meeting platform to interact with your beloved ones. Now you can conduct a video meeting among your hundreds of friends at a time. This service will allow you to do a non-stop video meeting for one hour. Google Meet is a universal facility for all Android users who use Google accounts. Meet service is not for a particular device you can use it on PC, android, and iOS devices. The most important feature of this service is providing an international dial-up option. This enables us to make individual call and groups call as well.

Benefits of Google Meet:

Multiple Participants:

Indeed, Google Meet is a useful service for its users to conduct video meetings. Moreover, it enables adding multiple participants, you can add up to 100 participants at a time. With the help of this meeting platform, you will be able to organize a video call meeting for an hour without any interruption.

Live Remarks/ Caption:

It is an amazing but useful feature of this digital meeting software because it allows you to caption a scene at the time of live video calling. While calling you can send a text message to the connected participants of the meeting. It is very similar to “Zoom” which is a meeting app.

Universal Service:

Undoubtedly, Google Meetings is a universal service for all; it does not work for a particular class of people or for a specific device. Now you can use this service from everywhere in the world and on every device you have.

How can we use Google Meet on Smartphones?

In the past, “Zoom” was the leading video conferencing platform across the world. However, zoom couldn’t maintain its position as the leading video meeting app. Because Google started its meeting services through Google Meet. Using Zoom was quite difficult for an ordinary or less educated person. Zoom app was not available easily so it needed to be downloaded and installed from the internet. But now everyone can use Google Meet service if he is using a Google account on his smartphone. Thus, you can comfortably use this service to do a video call with your dears.

The process to make a video call through Google Meet:

For using any Google service you need to be logged in through a Google Account. Usually, it is called the Gmail Account. Once you log in to the Google account on your smartphone. Then It will take you to the available service. Indeed, Google is offering multiple services to its users like Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Assistant, Google Calendar, Google Photos, etc. So first of all you need to log in with a Google account and then click on the Google Meet icon to open. On opening the user interface, you will be provided an option to search for a contact at the top. From there you can find your contacts that are already using Google Meet account or you can send a message to join. On adding the contacts you can click on the “video call” option to start a video meeting.


Q1- What is Google Meet?

Answer: Google Meet is a communication facility by Google, with the help of this facility you will be able to make a video call to your friends and family.

Q2- How long we can make a video call?

Answer: This facility enables you to make video calls on one-to-one and in groups. You will be able to make a consistent video call for 60 minutes non-stop.

Q3-Can Google Meet expire?

Answer: Yes it is a nice question, everyone should ask. Once the speaking code is generated it lives and is valid for up to 365 days. After the completion of 365 days, it gets expired.

Q4- Can we record Google Meet Call?

Answer: Intestingly Google Meet allows you to record your video call and conference. There is a concise mechanism to follow to record a meeting call on your PC or Smartphone.

Final Thoughts:

Honestly speaking that world has changed now, in the past people were communicating with their beloved people through letters. Then they start to communicate through voice calls. But now people don’t want to use these old modes of communication. Now they can easily make a video call through Google Meet. This service allows its users to make a video call among a group of people. Hence, Google Meet is the best video conferencing service for people across the world.