Google Lens

What is Google Lens and what are the benefits for Android?

Before going into the details we need to know what is Google Lens. Well, it is an advanced technology to facilitate Google search engine users/visitors. With the passage of time technology is improving and become very complex. The officials of Google enable their users through different means and techniques just like Google Lens. It is a very useful technology for users who are neither capable to type a word nor search through voice. In this circumstance, Google Lens helps such people in finding a thing on the Google search engine.

How does Google Lens work?

As we said it’s an interesting and useful technology for users who cant type their queries through typing on Google. This technology enables illiterate people to search for anything on the internet. Basically, Google Lens uses the camera of your device to capture the image of any object you scan. Once you capture the picture of the object. The system recognizes the object or the picture is translated into text. This system finds the relevant results from the Google search engine.

The benefits of Google Lens?

Object Recognition:

The most important benefit of Google Lens is the recognition of objects. If you have an object with you and want to know about it. Then you can use this facility. You just need to capture the image of the object. Instantly it recognizes the object and shows its name and other relevant results from the Google engine.

Conversion of an image into Text:

If there is printed text on an object in a language you don’t understand. It captures the picture of the text, recognizes the text, and converts it into the required language. Thus, it allows you to know about the thing you want to understand easily.

Instant Search Results:

Google Lens enables an individual to find instant results on the search engine. You just need to click the image of an object; the search engine shows similar results for you. So this technology makes you able to search very instantly as compared to other means.

Search for similar objects:

If you have an object and you want to find more similar objects on the internet. Thus on capturing the picture of an object, the Google search engine visits various respective websites and lists down similar objects for you.

Access to market:

According to the definition, a market is a place where buyers and sellers come to each other to buy and sell an object. It allows you to access the world market. If you have an object and you want to buy a similar one. On capturing the image through Google Lens different websites which offering similar objects for sale. Thus, you can find your desired object easily.

Is Google Lens privacy protective?

Being the user of a smartphone you might know about the installation of external apps. Whenever you install an app it asks to grant permission to access the other files of your device. It has no option to record the history of your searches. However, you can save your search history through a customized option. Let us assure you here it depends on you whether you want to save your history or not. It does not share your personal or private data with anybody. All the data on this platform is in your control and safeguarded.


Q1- How can Google Lens identify objects?

Answer: In this system, there is an algorithm to identify objects. When you can a picture through your device camera it identifies the objects and search the same internet.

Q2- What is the accuracy of Google Lens?

Answer: According to technical experts and regular users of this service it can generate results almost 54% accurate. All those persons who can not type can search for objects easily.

Q3- What is Google Lens used for?

Answers: It is a useful technology that allows you to search queries on the internet through the device camera. If you want to know about an object you need to capture the picture through Google Lens which shows results from the internet.

Q4- Is Google Lens a camera app?

Answer: It is not a camera app but it is connected to the camera of your device. Without the camera, it can not work. So camera is mandatory but the service is not a camera app.

Final Thoughts:

The officials of Google are much enthusiastic to offer more advanced services to visitors. They are aiming to facilitate the world more effectively. So with the passage of time, more innovative products are being introduced. Google Lens is one of the advanced services Google currently offers. Google Lens is providing you with an amazing search experience by searching results through the camera of your Smartphone.