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What are the benefits of Textra SMS for Android?

Here we are writing about a useful messaging app for Android. This app does not allow only text messages but you can send or receive MMS messages as well. It is Textra SMS that offers an impressive user interface with a lot of customized features. Customization means changing built-in features and looking as you want. The main purpose of this app is to provide more efficiency which is not available on Smartphone’s own messaging service. You will be able to respond to your contacts very quickly because this app alerts you through notifications on receiving a message. When you use this app it will enhance your communication skills because of the available features. You can also schedule a message for a particular date to send through this app. When any unknown person irritates you by sending messages that you don’t want to receive, you can easily block them.

How does Textra SMS work?

It is basically a third-party Android app that can be used to replace the default messaging service of your mobile phone. When installation is completed it asks to switch the existing version to the Textra SMS. On switching you can get all your messages available in your inbox will be fetched on the interface. Note the software of this app is giving you notification alerts when there is a new incoming message. Through this notification, you can give a timely response. When we talk about the interface it allows adjusting colors and layout etc to make it more attractive. There is nothing wondering here but you can manage your communication more effectively through this new app.

What are the benefits of Textra SMS for Android?

The Txtra SMS is providing a marvelous package of features that offer a nice experience while messaging. A few features that can make it convenient to use are as follows. So let us describe one by one in the following headings.

Attractive User-Interface:

It is quite necessary to offer an easy and smart user interface because users like to use an application that offers an easy UI. This Android app has an attractive and easy to manageable interface you an average user who is not so skilled and educated.

Instant Notifications:

The notification alert service is one of the most prominent services of this Android app. Because of this feature, you can easily respond to incoming messages in your inbox.

Scheduling of messages:

Scheduling means sending of an auto message to a specific contact number on a specific date. Through this facility, you don’t need to be bound to send a message on a certain date. This service lets you feel free of this problem.

Customized Settings:

Customization means setting up options according to your choice. It includes color adjustment, layout, themes, etc.

Blocking of spam messages:

This Android app allows you to block the entire unknown and spam messages. After blocking you will not get any message from the blocked recipient in the future.

Availability of Chat features:

Textra SMS offers different chat features i.e. emoji, stickers, fonts, gifts, etc. You can use these features while composing a message. These chat elements are free of cost; you do have not to pay for them.

Multi-messaging Service:

This facility is usually called MMS, in this service, you can send an image, audio, and even a video to your recipients. This is an advanced way of messaging but you can do it through the MMS service provided by the Textra SMS app.


Q1- Is Textra SMS service free to download?

Answer: The download and usage of this app is quite free and it is available on Playstore.

Q2- Can we use group messaging on Textra SMS?

Answer: Yes, you can do a group conversation with Textra SMS service.

Q3- What are the custom features?

Answer: Customization means setting up functions as you want. You can set the settings of the user interface.

Q4- Does Textra SMS provides emojis?

Answer: Yes it provides emojis, stickers, and gifs for the user while creating a message.

Q5- What is SMS Scheduling?

Answer: It is an important feature to send an automatic message to a particular recipient at a particular time or date.

Q6- What are MMS messages?

Answer: MMS stands for Multi-Media Message Service in which you can send or receive images, audio, and videos.

Q7-How can we block spam messages?

Answer: This service allows blacklisting the contact number from which you don’t want to get messages. These messages are also called unwanted or spam messages.

Final Thoughts:

If you are tired of using the default messaging app on your smartphone and want to get a new experience. You can start using Textra SMS. This service is just like the default message app of your device however it has multiple other features that are more useful. It is more beneficial for Android users who want more effective chat features free of cost. This app is available on Playsote initially you need to install it from there. Then you can use multiple features of this version like emoji, GIFs,s and stickers. Thus, you can make an impressive chat with your friends and family if your use this amazing Android app.