What are the benefits of Snapchat for Android?

Snapchat has an important position in social media because it has millions of active users across the world. It has dozens of features that users use to create content like photos and videos etc. However, its name is very clear it is a chat app that allows you to chat with your family and friends. Moreover, it provides a lot of features like filters. You can easily create unique photos by applying the filters available on the platform. These filters are available on the camera you can use them at the time of clicking a photo.

What is special on Snapchat?

No doubt, Snapchat plays an important role for Android users because it offers a series of features to create and share content whether it’s a photo or a video clip. People use the camera of Snapchat instead of a Smartphone camera because it offers hundreds of filters, so you can create photos according to your needs. The most important specialty of this platform is AI (Artificial Intelligence). This is a wonderful revolution in the world. Now you can get any kind of information by using AI on Snapchat.

What are the available benefits of Snapchat for Android?

Social Networking:

The main purpose of this platform is to provide social networking to the people of the world. With the help of this social service, anyone can easily get in touch with his nears and dears across the world. It offers a messaging service so that people can send or receive messages.

Interesting Filters:

Snapchat is a treasure of filters using these features you can enhance the quality of your photos. You can not only improve existing photos but you can use these filters on the spot while taking a picture through the camera.

AI (Artificial Intelligence):

Now this the era of AI (Artificial Intelligence) almost every work is doable with the help of this technology. The developers of Snapchat have introduced AI in the chat section of this app. Now people can benefit from this wonderful service.


With the help of AI or useful filters, you can create unique content for social media. Thus this platform enables Android users to enhance their creativity and can earn money the social websites.


Q1- What does Snapchat do?

Answer: Basically it is a social app that offers social services for people to communicate with their relatives and friends.

Q2- When was this app launched and what was its first name?

Answer: This amazing app was launched in 2011 and its first name was Picaboo.

Q3- What is Snapchat popular for?

Answer: Although it has multiple features for the users it is popular for creating social media snaps and creating pictures using filters.

Q4- Is Snapchat popular in the world?

Answer: This social app is very famous in the world. According to a survey, 5 million snaps are created on a daily basis through social sites.

Q5- Who is the owner of this platform?

Answer: It is owned by an American-French businessman who launched it in 2011. In the earlier days, this was introduced with another name but after that name was changed to Snapchat.

Final Words:

Snapchat is an interesting and amazing social media app that enables its users to create unique content. You can take unique photos by applying a series of filters and stickers available on it. Secondly, you can chat with your friends and family in very secure conversation. This platform assures its users to offer secure chat or messaging services. On the other hand, if you want to test the latest technology AI (Artificial Intelligence) you can use it on this Android app.