What are the benefits of OneDrive for Android?

As you know that Microsoft and Google are competitor companies in the world. Both companies are has introduced useful technologies for the entire world. Google has provided dozens of services i.e. Google Search Engine, Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Drive, etc. Then Microsoft also introduced Bing Search Engine, Microsoft Office, and various other services as well. You may know about Google Drive which is a cloud-based hosting free for people. As a substitute, Microsoft Company is offering OneDrive which is totally similar to Google Drive. It is also a cloud-based hosting that enables you to store files i.e. Photos, Documents, Audio, and even videos. Honestly speaking Google develops mostly services for Android users and most people use Android devices in the world. However, Microsoft prefers Windows and iOS devices and that’s why most Windows Smartphone users use OneDrive hosting service. Let us allow to tell you it is not for only Windows users, Android, Mac, and iOS users can also use this wonderful service in storing their important files on it.

How does OneDrive work?

Initially, we need to elaborate on Cloud hosting because it is the latest technology and everyone does not know it. Actually, it is a memory storage facility for different companies to store files online. The developers of this facility have introduced servers to keep files online. Being a cloud-based hosting it provides a certain capacity to store files. You can not upload abundant files on the memory drive because it allows a limited space to store files by a single user. As we know that we need memory space to keep files. Even a lot of files saved on your device can adversely affect your device’s performance. So if there is a facility to store files online instead of local storage it will amazing. People around the world love to use this service because this facility enables them you access and use the files irrespective of device and location. If you upload your files on OneDrive from India and you can access your files from America through any device. You have to log in through the Microsoft account to use this service. This technology is essential for people who work in groups because multiple users from multiple places can use this service. The users who have access to the store files can edit the files easily.

What are the benefits of OneDrive for Android users?

As we elaborated in the above paragraph that OneDrive is not for a specific sector it does not require any specific brand to work. There are millions of Android users in the world so they can also use this extraordinary service to manage their files online. So being the largest IT companies in the world how they can ignore the largest sector of users worldwide? So this amazing and useful memory drive is available for free for Android users they can not only store files on the cloud but they can also modify the information and share the files with their contacts. Just like Google Drive, there is also a mechanism to take backups of the data stored. So once you upload your precious file on this platform you don’t need to get worried about the safety and security of data because the entire data is encrypted. When there was no such facility available we had to carry hard copies of documents when we need to share them with anybody or any institution. However, now you don’t need to carry a physical document and make a hard copy. Because you just need to log in through the Microsoft account and open Onedrive to send a soft copy via email. So now you can share a clear document because you are sharing the first copy of your documents. The quality print-out issues are no longer through this technology. On the other hand, there is no chance of losing original documents because you don’t need to carry them.


Q1- What is Cloud-Hosng?

Answer: To meet the modern requirement of file management Microsoft has launched an online facility to keep files on hosting instead of storing them on a device. This saves memory capacity.

Q2- Is OneDrive safe to use?

Answer: The OneDrive is an official service provided by Microsoft Company for its users. You know that this is a brand company so it ensures the security of your data. So you can store your essential file on this hosting without any hesitation.

Q3- What are the requirements to acquire this service?

Answer: The OneDrive is a facility provided to the users of Microsoft. If you have a Microsoft account you can use this service to store your file. You do not need to meet any special requirements.

Q4- Does it demand special payments to use?

Answer: Not at all, it never demands any extra charges because this is a package facility from Microsoft to its users. If you have a Microsoft account active you can use it.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, we want to summarize the above description. OneDrive is one of the best Cloud-Based hosting services provided by Microsoft company. It is very similar to the Google Drive. However, there are various other features that make it the best cloud hosting. Google Drive is offering a certain memory capacity for all users irrespectively. But OneDrive is providing its services under different products i.e. individual and Organization. Here you are allowed to choose the product according to your needs. Thus, this option is more user-friendly as compared to other cloud hosting drives. If you want to handle your documents more smartly and securely you can use this service.