Microsoft Outlook

What are the benefits of Microsoft Outlook?

We know that Microsoft Office is an old but wonderful office working solution for the world. The Microsoft Company introduced Microsoft Office 33 years ago. In the history of information technology, it was an achievement of a milestone. The first time MS Office was released to the public was not so advanced because it had a few simple features. However, with the passage of time company continued to add new features to facilitate people of the world. Nowadays MS Office is offering a lot of stunning features to handle office work because now the software is faster, easier, and more effective. When we talk about the latest features Microsoft Outlook is one of the best services that MS Office provides now. It is basically communication software that enables a user to perform emailing services. You don’t need to install particular software for email services because MS Office is providing it under MS Office package software. To send or receive emails you just have to create your Outlook account and setup settings. It is famous email software used worldwide by individuals and organizations as well.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Outlook?

Send/ Receive emails:

It is basically communication software so you will be able to send or receive emails among your friends, family, or members of your organization. Outlook is working just like Gmail in which you can manage your emailing with advanced options. You can categorize your emails into various customized folders from your inbox.

Archiving of emails:

Archiving is the facility to store old emails in your inbox. As you know the inbox folder has a limited facility to store emails. When the inbox gets full we need to remove some emails to free some space for incoming emails. Thus, archiving is the facility to move old emails into a specific folder. To archive emails you can set criteria that archive the old emails automatically. If you want to archive your email manually you can do it easily.

Address Book/ Directory of Microsoft Outlook:

The Directory or address book is the platform that collects the emails address of your contacts. You can easily find an email address to send an email from this platform. All the contact that uses email service would be available in the address book.

Integrated with Microsoft Office:

It is an official service of Microsoft Office that’s why it works in coordination with other Microsoft Office services like MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, etc. So you can easily use all these services on the interface of Outlook while writing an email message. Usually, email services provide just a blank to type a message. However, Microsoft Outlook offers all the MS Office services on the page of writing a new email. So you can easily draw a table, graph, pictures, and sounds or create a PowerPoint slide on the spot.

Operational on Smartphone:

You can use this service on a desktop, smartphone, and even on a tablet device. Because this service is universal and not restricted to use on a certain device. Once you become able to use MS Office service on your device you can try this service as well.

No extra charges for Microsoft Outlook:

In the above paragraphs, we described that Microsoft Outlook is an integrated service of Microsoft Office. If you are using MS Office already on your device you don’t need to pay extra charges to use this service. Because you have to pay for Microsoft Office as a whole to use all the services.


Q1- What is Microsoft Outlook?

Answer: It is an amazing facility offered by Microsoft company to enable them to communicate through emails.

Q2- What is the main purpose of MS Outlook?

Answer: The main purpose of Microsoft Outlook is to offer you a useful service that allows you to send or receive emails to your friends, partners, family members, etc.

Q3- Can Outlook be used without an office?

Answer: You need an active subscribed Microsoft account to use Microsoft Outlook, Without an office account you can not use it.

Q4- Is Microsoft Outlook free?

Answer: There are two criteria system, if you use an individual account this service is free of cost. However, if you want to use this service on an organization we need to pay a certain amount of money as a service charge.

Final Thoughts:

No doubt Microsoft Office is being used across the world for the last 3 decades. The people of the world are benefited from this wonderful service in managing office work. Anybody can’t deny the importance of MS Office because trillions of people and thousands of organizations use this service in the entire world. To offer more effectiveness in the services of MS Office, the company is providing Microsoft Outlook. It is a communication software that allows sending or receiving email messages. Although it is an email service it provides multiple other services i.e. Calendar, Tasks management, Reminders, Notes, etc. If you want an encrypted conversation with your concerned people you can use this service.