Google Slides

What are the benefits of Google Slides for Android users?

In this article, we are going to introduce you to a very useful service by Google. Indeed, officials of Google are focused to facilitate their users with more useful services. Google Slides is an automatic presentation-making software that allows making a complex presentation within minutes. It is much similar to Microsoft PowerPoint but it offers a lot of new features that Microsoft PowerPoint does not have. These advanced features allow you to make a modern presentation with the help of pictures, images, sounds, graphs, videos, and many other media materials. As you know that it is an official service of Google therefore it does not need to save presentation on your PC. Because you can save your ready presentations on Google Drive. Being a Google product it works totally online you don’t need to install a particular software to create a presentation. You just open the Gmail account to start creating a presentation and after that, you can save it on Google Drive.

How does “Google Slides” work?

It is obviously useful software for creating a presentation online. Sometimes we have to create a presentation project within a limited time period. In such a situation, we face various hurdles to create a presentation. Initially, we must have a desktop computer on which Microsoft Office is installed. We need the required skill to create a presentation. It is not an easy job to create a presentation without acquiring the skill. However, if you use Google Slides you can easily create your presentation project.

Readymade Slides:

The Google Slides allows you to get ready-made slides. You can use these slides available on the basic version. Otherwise, you can get more presentation slides from the Google search engine.

Unique Project:

If you are using MS PowerPoint and have tired of using it. You can use Google Slides to make a unique presentation because it has marvelous materials. This software enables you to use various customized templates to create a wonderful presentation.

Insert Text:

Without the insertion of text, anybody can not create a presentation slide. To express anything from a presentation you need to insert text in the form of sentences and paragraphs. However, Google Slides allows adding beautiful and stylish fonts and Headings.

Storage of Slides and Sharing:

Google Slides software is not allowing just the creation of a presentation project but you can save and store it also. To store your ready projects you can save the sides on Google Drive. After saving a project you can share it via email or any other document-sharing means. Thus, it is full-fledged software to make a presentation of slides and you can deliver the project through emails easily to anyone.

What are the benefits of Google Slides?

google Slides offers Free Templates:

Google Slides offers various free template slides to create a smart presentation. However, there are hundreds of slide websites available on the internet. So you can use any template or slides from this internet on the platform easily.

Multi-Media Insertion:

As you know that while creating a presentation we have to add various multi-media elements on a slide, i.e. Sound, Video, pictures, etc. These features are also available on Microsoft PowerPoint. However, in the case of Google Slides, you can add any content from the internet on the spot.


Because it entirely works online, therefore, you can create your project within a low time as compared to the conventional method. You can add various ready-made slides from the internet and you just need to do a few edits on it.

Google Slides Provides Portable Data:

In the past, we have to use a desktop computer to do any kind of task. That’s why all the data we had to save on the specific computer. When we need any document we had to use the same computer. However, now you don’t need to use a single computer because you can access the document from every device. Because all the data is saved on Google Drive you can access it by simply login through your Gmail account.


Q1-What are Google Slides used for?

Answer: Basically Google Slides are used to prepare presentations. This is an official service of Google to its users. This facility allows you to make instant presentation slides within a few minutes.

Q2-What is the limit to Google Slides?

Answer: Google Slides allows you to add slides up to 100 MBs. This seems like a little amount of space but for slides making is good enough.

Q3-Does Google Slides need internet?

Answer: Obviously, it is entirely an online service you need an internet connection to use Google Slides. So you would be able to create and save a presentation.

Q4-Are Google Slides free to use?

Answer: Of course, these services are free if you have an active Gmail account you can easily use this service for free, you don’t need to pay for it.

Final Thoughts:

Users who are studying or officials of any organization and have to create presentations very frequently can be benefited from this service. Because “Google Slides” is here, it can meet all your needs in an advanced and unique way. With the help of this presentation software, you can create your presentation within a few minutes. These presentations can be much better than the presentation make with MS PowerPoint.