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What Are The Benefits of Google Home For Android?

As you know that it is the modern and technical era, people have become very technology friendly. People have been using information technology in every field of life. The Smartphone has totally changed the quality of life because now we can handle our daily life tasks very smartly. Nowadays we can manage various tasks with the help of a Smartphone. Calling, picture taking, Calendar, Calculator, Messages, Social networking, etc can be done through a Smartphone easily. However, Google Home is an advanced way of managing different functions of a Smartphone using voice. As you know that Google has dozens of services organized under a single platform. These services include Google Maps. Google Assistance, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc. Google Home is a cartelized platform that gathers all the services. If you want to open any of the above you need to give commands via voice. The main purpose of this facility is to offer you more comfortable access to the available services.

How does Google Home work?

It is an amazing way of managing different functions of a Smartphone through voice commands. Google Home works just like Google Assistant because both services are offering the same facility. First of all, you have to give commands through voice then the system starts working on it. After listening to the voice commands Google Home converts the voice into codes. The codes are understood by the operating system. When the operating system understands the command then it does the required tasks as instructed through the voice command.

Which Functions Are Controlled Through Google Home?

  • On/ off of your data and WIFI connection.
  • Management of the Calendar.
  • Playing of music.
  • Searching anything on the internet.
  • Checking the Weather forecast.
  • Information of current temperature.
  • Location information through Google Maps.

What are the benefits of Google Home for Android users?

No doubt, Google Home is vital for Android because in the world most people use Android smartphones instead of iPhones. Because Android smartphones are not much costly as compared to iPhones and Microsoft smartphones. That’s why most people prefer to use Android phones. So, Google Homes play an important role in handling an Android phone. Because this technology keeps you away to use the smartphone manually. You just need to give commands through voice to do any kind of task on your smartphone. Once your complete speaking a command it instantly starts working on it.


Q1- What questions can I ask from Google Home?

Answer: Google Home is the collection of all the services of Google. You can ask for Google Assistant, Google Maps, Search, and play games instantly on the platform.

Q2- Can we talk on Google Home?

Answer: You can talk with Google, not with your friends and family. If you need any service from Google you just need to say ” Hi Google” Then Google Assistant and other systems start listening to you. If you give any verbal command the respective system starts working on it.

Q3-Do we need to download Google Home?

Answer: Absolutely Not. You don’t need to download any application to use this service because this service is already provided by Google on your Smartphone.

Q4- Is Google Home an offline service?

Answer: No, you need an internet connection to use this service. Without an internet connection, you will not be able to pass any voice commands.

Final Thoughts:

Google Home is an official service for Android users. Officials of Google have made this service more advance and convenient. Now you can control your Android device by just passing verbal commands. Google has organized all its Google services under this platform. If you want to use any of the services like Google Assistant, Google Maps, Music, and Docs, you can control all these through your voice commands. It is an essential and useful way to use an Android device for people who want to use a Smartphone through voice. Google Home plays an important role for people who have any disability of hands.