Google Files

What are the benefits of Google Files for Android?

Android users have to manage their files on Smartphones. Usually, Smartphones have their own inbuilt file management apps to manage the files. However, to make Android users capable to manage files Google is offering an app that is Google Files. It enables to manage files more effectively. This app can show you the storage capacity of each folder. So you can know the used and free space. There is a mechanism to categorize files by the format of files i.e. Audio, Video, Document, Image, etc.

How Does “Google Files” Work?

“Google Files” helps to manage available files on a Smartphone. All the files are categorized into various categories i.e. Documents, Videos, Audio, Apps, and Downloads, etc. Thus, this facility makes you able to find a file instantly. The algorithm s identifies the file and moves them into the respective folder. The important feature of this Google facility is to make you able to share your files via Zapya or any other sharing application installed on your Smartphone. Sharing of files does not need any internet connection because Zapya sharing depends on Bluetooth or wifi signals. With the help of this app, you can easily identify the heavy files and you can delete the files that you don’t want to use.

What are the benefits of Google Files?

Memory Space Management:

This wonderful app will make you able to see the available memory space of every category. So you can remove all the unnecessary files from your device. This will help you to manage your device memory more effectively.

“Google Files” gives Easy Access:

You will find your required file in various categories like Documents, Videos, Audio, Downloads, Apps, etc. So you can easily find your required file by opening the respective category file instead of searching randomly.

“Google Files” Saves Time:

When you become able to find your required file instantly it will save you time. As you know that time is the most precious thing in the world. So save your time with Google Files.

Share Files with Zapya:

Zapya is an important app for file sharing; it allows sharing any file without an internet connection. To share any file between two devices, both devices must install the Zapya app. To initiate the sharing process two devices having Zapya need to be paired. On proper pairing, this will allow you to share a file.

Device performance boosting:

Large-size files can disturb the working of your device. These files can hang your device. Therefore you must remove the large-size file instantly from your device. So as soon as possible you identify the harmful file through the system and delete it. After the deletion of such a file, your device performance will increase.


Q1-What is Google Files?

Answer: It is an official service for Google users, when you log in through your Google account all the available services are there to use. It is a file manager that manages all you files stored on your device.

Q2: Why do we trust this service?

Answer: It is a good question and is frequently asked by users. Before using any service you must do some research on it. However, it is an official service of Google so you can trust it.

Q3- How does it identify files?

Answer: The software of this file manager has an algorithm to identify the files. That’s the reason that it can categorize different files.

Q4- How to install Google Files?

Answer: You don’t need to install this file manager because it is already on the Google account interface. You just need to open the interface to use it. On the other hand, it creates an icon on your screen.

Final Thoughts:

“Google Files” is an official Android app by Google to manage files on a Smartphone. With the help of this Android app, you can increase your device performance. Because it helps to find files, memory management, and deletion of harmful files. Indeed, it is advanced software that has an algorithm to identify the format of a file. This is the intelligence that makes this app able to categorize the file into different categories.