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What are the benefits of Google Contacts for Android?

Just like other services, Google Contacts is one of the most useful services provided by Google officials. It is an amazing feature to manage your contact numbers. You know that we have to save contacts on our Smartphones to make calls and messages with them. In the past, we had to store a certain number of contacts on the SIM (Customer Identity Module) cards. It was a limited memory and was giving limited features to manage contacts. However, Google Contacts offers various advanced features to manage your contacts very effectively. When you save your contacts on CIM cards you just have to feed the contact number and name. In the case of Google Contacts, you will be able to add multiple details i.e. email address, life event (Birthday, Anniversary), etc. Thus, these useful features make this service more effective for Android users.

How do Google Contacts Work?

Basically, it is a product of Google that’s why it is directly affiliated with the Gmail account. For the first time, you will have to add your contacts through the keypad or you can copy contacts from different CIM cards. If you had an Android phone, you can import all your contact available on your old phone by just simply logging in through the Gmail account. It has a huge memory to store contacts as compared to other means. This facility enables you to add multiple details about a contact so it makes the management of contacts more convenient. Now you can add reminders, and share your contacts with other people.

What are the benefits of Google Contacts?

There are various benefits available for the users of Smartphones, with the help of this facility you can manage your contacts more efficiently. It offers you an opportunity to save hundreds of contacts on your smartphone. Google Contact is considered the best means to store contact because it has a big memory as compared to CIM memory. Usually, we save the contact numbers of those people who mean to us, they can be our friends and relatives. So, for a friendship and a relationship we need to remember birthdays, anniversaries, and other life events. Due to our busy life and work burdens, we forget these important dates. Therefore this feature enables us to remember such dates easily.

Storage Memory:

Obviously, it provides a bigger memory to store contacts as compared to other sources. On a CIM card, you can save only a few contact numbers. If want to store contacts in hundreds consisting of friends and family members you should use this service. It will allow you to store hundreds of contacts with maximum personal information.

Backup Facility:

Nowadays keeping backup is very important because there is always a chance of loss of precious data. In managing any kind of data you must keep a backup mechanism to protect your valuable data. When you use Google Contacts it keeps the backup of your stored contacts on a regular basis. If you lost your smartphone are can easily recover all your contacts with the help of this facility.


Being an official product of Google it is connected with the Google Calendar. This unique facility allows you to note different events on the calendar. On each noted event the software will notify you. So now you are able to memorize the important dates of your beloved ones with this Google Contacts.


Q1-What is Google Contacts?

Answer: Google Contacts is one of the useful services provided by Google. It allows you to manage your contact details effectively. This facility enables a user to save more information about a contact.

Q2-What is the purpose of Google Contacts?

Answer: The purpose of offering Google Contacts is to make users able to manage their contacts more efficiently with the help of available features in it.

Q3- What is the difference between Contacts and Google contacts?

Answer: Contacts has a few options to save details but Google Contacts can allow you to input multiple details i.e. email address etc. In contacts, you need to input manually but Google Contacts fetch contact information.

Q4- What is the storage capacity of Google contacts?

Answer: It has a huge capacity to save contacts as compared to other means. You can save almost 25,000 contact numbers.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, we can say that Google Contacts is a stunning mechanism to manage contacts on your Smartphone. Now you are able to organize your contacts in an advanced manner. You can add contacts with multiple information i.e. email address, event on the calendar, etc. There is no limit to storing contacts because it has comparatively big storage. Thus, you can manage your contacts more effectively with this unique facility.