Android auto

What are the benefits of Android Auto for Android?

In this article, we are going to write about an app purely for Android devices, because it is working for the controlling functions of an Android device while driving a car. With the help of this app, you can control your smartphone very effectively using Car’s display touch screen. We know that we have to use a hand to play music, video, picture display, etc. While driving this was a risky activity because it can distract us. But now you don’t need to touch the Smartphone physically because Android Auto allows you to control the LED display through Bluetooth signals.

How does Android Auto work?

The working pattern of Android Auto is very simple, it uses the signal of Bluetooth or WIFI. If you want to control your mobile phone through the display of your car. You need to connect both devices with wireless connections. This Android app allows you to control your phone without connecting through cables and other connectors. Once both devices are connected you can easily use every task of your Smartphone by the touch screen of your Car’s display. It allows you to run all the apps installed on your device even you can make or pick up a call. Moreover, you can check your messages and emails. This technology allows to watch live Google Maps which helps a lot while driving a car.

What are the benefits of Android Auto for Android users?

You know that our lives have been very busy, we don’t have leisure time. Therefore we have to do different tasks even when we are on the way and driving a car. Otherwise, we are going to avoid various important happenings in the world. However, now you can overcome this problem considerably. Android Auto allows you to monitor your mobile phone live while driving a car. Thus you can not only drive a car but you can continue all your tasks on the spot. On the other hand, this app allows personalizing entertainment programs. You don’t need to rely on the entertainment content saved on your car device. Because you can easily fetch all the entertainment material from your mobile phone. The most important feature of this app is the availability of live Google Maps which helps while driving on a unfamiliar route.

Q1- Which Smartphone supports Android Auto?

Answer: There is no such requirement, any Smartphone that has Bluetooth facility can be connected with Android Auto. Any Android phone that supports Android apps can be used.

Q2- Does it need a special LCD Display?

Answer: There is a minor compulsion for the car’s display. You need a display that supports Android apps otherwise you won’t be able to connect.

Q3- Can we use Android Auto wirelessly?

Answer: Android Auto is working without using data cables, you can connect your device wirelessly. You just need to connect your device with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.

Q4- Can we make a call through this app?

Answer: Of course yes, you can not only make a call but send messages, and emails. You can do any kind of work you do with your Smartphone through this app. So it is just the controlling of your mobile phone through the car’s display while driving.


What is the specialty of Android Auto?

Controlling a mobile phone through a car’s display is the specialty of Android Auto. Using a mobile phone can cause dangerous accidents while driving. Therefore the developers of this app have provided a facility for safer driving and enabled you to use your mobile phone. We don’t recommend using this regularly when driving but when there is a compulsion you can be benefited from this app.

Final Thoughts:

Android Auto is a wonderful facility for those users who travel most of the time. They have to check their mobile phones while driving a car. Sometimes due to distraction, there can happen dangerous accidents on the road. Now you can use Android Auto while driving a car which allows you to operate your mobile phone easily through the touch panel of your car’s display screen. It is an easier way to get in touch with your new updates on social media. The only thing that assists the driver is the availability of live Google Maps. With the help of these maps, you find your destination exactly.