Google docs

What are Google Docs & what are the benefits?

In this blog article, we are going to describe a wonderful facility for the modern generation. As you know that nowadays every work is done with the help of computers and computerized devices. However, in the past, only a desktop was called a computer. These days windows or XP was in practice to offer computer services and Microsoft Office was used to manage official works. With the passage of time pattern of work changed due to the improvement of information technologies. Now you don’t need to install Microsoft Office on your computer because now you are able to manage all your office needs online without installing offline software. Because now Google Docs allows you to handle all the needs that you would have done with the help of Microsoft Word.

What are the Benefits of Google Docs?

The Google Docs are beneficial for all but it is very essential for the students. Because this facility enables them to manage all the Microsoft Word needs through this facility. It is a web-based mechanism that keeps you away to install specific software on your computer. You will be allowed to create, amend or preview a Word document very easily. The benefits are as follows.

A universal facility:

This facility is not specific for a specific person, place, or device. You can use this facility on every device, from everywhere, and every user of Google can use it. So enjoy the wonderful facility whenever you need it.

Cloud Storage:

It is a stunning feature of Google Docs because every created document can be stored on Google Drive. So you do not need to save any file on your computer, it means that this facility saves memory storage as well.

Free Service:

It is a very user-friendly feature for the users, now you do not need to pay any charges to use Microsoft Word services. There are no charges to use the service because Google has offered this service as a package for its users.

Simple Usage:

There is nothing new in Google Docs because it works just like Microsoft Word. However, there are various options available that improve the efficiency of document creation and amendment of documents.

How to use Google Docs?

Indeed Google doc is a useful feature for users of the computer and Android smartphones. It does not matter what kind of device you are using. Because it works very effectively on PC and Android smartphones. You don’t need to get worried about the usage of this facility. If you are logged in with a Google Account.

  • First of all, open the Chrome browser.
  • On the right top, you will see the icon of your Gmail and signs of options.
  • Click on the square-shaped option signs where you will see all the available Google products.
  • Click on the Google Doc to create an “MS Word” document.


Q1- What is Google Docs used for?

Answer: It is very much similar software to Microsoft Word, it allows one to create and edit a Word document. You don’t need to use install software on your device because you can use this service online.

Q2- Why do students use Google Docs?

Answer: It is a magical facility for students because they usually create and edit documents on a daily basis. With the help of this facility, they can create a Word document from any device through Google Docs. Now they don’t need to carry a PC or Laptop.

Q3- What is the limit to Google Docs?

Answers: You know that is a wonderful facility to manage documents in the world. However, it offers a certain size of documents it will provide you with 50MB size documents.

Q4- Can everyone use Google Docs?

Answer: Of course yes, it is a universal service for all the users of Google. Everyone who uses a Google account can be benefited from this service free of cost.

Final Thoughts:

We know that every useful and productive thing can have some demerits as well. When we talk about Google Docs it looks like a treasure for the students. However, it needs internet connectivity, limited storage size, and specific features. Honestly speaking it is an amazing facility and it is being considered almost the substitute of Microsoft Word. So we hope you will enjoy this facility to manage your official needs.