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Which Are the Top File Manager Apps For Android?

Now it is the era of Smartphones, millions of people are using Android Smartphones in the world. A Smartphone has a lot of advanced features which make the life of people easy. The important thing is to manage the functions of a modern phone device. There are various companies that make very advanced operating systems to manage files and apps. Mostly Smartphones have their own inbuilt File Manage to manage the file stored in the device. However, if you want to manage your file more effectively by using the Top File Manager Apps. These apps provide a wide range of free services to Android users. Undoubtedly, these apps may have multiple exceptional features that are unavailable in the inbuilt File Managers.

Advantages of the Top File Manager Apps:

Anybody who has used these apps once can not deny the importance of them. Because these apps enable you to manage your files more effectively. So let’s look at the following features to explore more about them.

Powerful File Manager:

For smart users, it is very important to manage files very powerfully. So with the help of these Top File Manager apps, you can manage your Videos, Audio, documents, photos, and images very effectively. Effective file management means the file can be accessed, browsed, shared, and deleted very easily without doing through problems. Thus, such kind of management is possible when you have File Manager apps on your Smartphone.

Protection of Privacy:

Privacy protection is most important while using an Android app. Everybody must ensure that these apps are fully protected. Any data accessed through these apps are encrypted and will not be misused for immoral purposes. This is a very serious issue and the developers have also taken this issue seriously while developing these apps. So, you can manage your file through these apps without any hesitation.

File Transfer:

Obviously, these Android apps allow you to share files from one device to another. You will be able to share every file on Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and every platform you use to share your files with dears.

Which Are the Top File Manager Apps?

Google File Manager:

It is a universal file management platform for the entire world. If you have an Android smartphone and use a Google account you can use this service free of cost. We recommend using Google File Manager instead of other third-party apps because it is a reliable service provided by Google. It is a Google service for all the users, there is no risk to use this service. This app is one of the best file manager apps you can find for your smartphone.

RS File Manager App:

The RS File Manager app is a top file manager app that facilitates managing files online and offline at a time. Being a file manager app it has various categories to keep files separate. You just have to search for a file to manage further. Through this effective feature, you don’t need to find a file manually by opening different folders.

MK Explore App:

It is clearly indicated by its name that its an explorer. A file you need to access can easily be explored through this file manager app in milliseconds. Through this app, you can easily access multiple folders simultaneously. Thus, you can move a file among these folders easily. If you need to search a file you just have to enter the first letter, this app will show the list of available files related to this alphabet.

CX File Explorer App:

This is a wonderful file manager app that offers a few magical services to Android users. Due to various attractive and user-friendly features, it is very popular. Because this file manager app shows the available space of a folder and images of the file stored in it. So you can easily identify the folder that has enough space to transfer a file. It also enables you to recognize the files before opening them.

Amaze File App:

The Amaze File app is a very essential app for the file stored in the memory of a smartphone. Because this file manager app categorizes the file datewise, type-wise, location-wise, and nature-wise. It is a very important and useful file manager that works very smartly for Android users. This Android app has the power to recognize a file type and create a specific folder.


Q1- What are File-Manager Apps?

Answer: These apps are used to manage files on a smartphone. File manager apps have an algorithm to categorize the available files into different folders.

Q2- Why do I need a file manager app?

Answer: You need to manage files on your Smartphone on a daily basis. As you know that we have to find a file from our device’s storage when we need it. Thus, you can easily find and do the required work on it.

Q3- Is the file manager app safe?

Answer: We are not the developers of any app so we aren’t in the position to assure you about any app. However, you will need to ensure all the security measures while using a third-party app.

Q4- Which is the best file manager app?

Answer: Look, we can not judge any app unless we personally use it. It is up to you to determine the best app for you. we can just give you information about these apps.

Final Thoughts:

There is a huge list of Top File Manager Apps available on the internet, but being a presenter we have collected a few of them for you. Google File, CX File Explorer, Amaze File App, RS Explorer and MK Explorer are prominent file manager apps. This article is all about giving you information to select a reasonable file manager app for your smartphone.